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Inspection Services

Baystate Contracting Services, Inc. provides asbestos testing and surveys, sampling and inspection services for all private and public sectors including homes, commercial real estate, banking, health, retail and industrial.

A current asbestos survey is required by the EPA throughout the entire United States, prior to renovation or demolition of any residential or commercial property including retail and office space.

Asbestos has been found in over 20,000 building products and is still being used today in various building materials sold in the United States.  Since asbestos


fibers are not visible to the un-aided eye, proper sampling and laboratory testing is the only way to be sure if asbestos is present.

In addition to providing pre-renovation and pre-demolition asbestos surveys, Baystate Contracting Services’ team of Inspectors and Project Managers can provide complete asbestos management plans, outlining the most urgent needs for abatement or encapsulation in order to provide, not only peace of mind, but adherence to both State and Federal building codes.

If you’re planning any type of renovation or demolition work for your home or business, plan to call Baystate Contracting Services FIRST.



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