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Lead Abatement Services

Lead Abatement Rules

Lead-based paint can be a serious issue, whether it is present in your home or your business.

Lead-based paint is a source of lead poisoning, which can lead to severe health problems and even death.

For this reason, the USEPA, HUD and OSHA have established strict requirements that must be followed in order to keep the lead abatement worker and those that will re-inhabit the space safe.

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What Should You Do If You Have Lead Paint?

Due to the dangerous nature of lead based paints, it is always best to hire a professional with a fully equipped staff of trained lead abatement workers.  Baystate Contracting Services, Inc. has successfully completed hundreds of lead abatement projects from small residential homes to large commercial businesses.  

Our team will arrive at your site fully equipped with the most up-to-date lead-based paint abatement equipment including recyclable steel shot blasting systems, chemical strippers and HEPA filtered air filtration systems if necessary.

Once the removal operation is complete, we provide each customer with complete documentation regarding air sampling, lead worker qualifications, proper waste disposal of lead-based materials and all applicable permits.  This level of follow-through will provide peace of mind that the lead hazard(s) has/have been removed.  

If you suspect the peeling or flaking paint you’ve found might contain lead, call Baystate Contracting Services, Inc. to have it tested.  Each of our experienced estimators can answer all of your lead abatement questions and make the lead paint removal process efficient and complete.


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